How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock 2016

Do you need a solution to Bypass iCloud Lock? These troubles are easily resolved in today's OS for better operations with iCloud unlock tool 2016, better application developments and deice usage. You can conduct out the repair on your own and with confidence. You can take the end of a paperclip and discover what you can get in there. iPhones are really highly-priced items Bypass iCloud Activation Lock of equipment but the greatest digital technologies are unable to stand around continued abuse. This signifies that iPhone developers might have better playground for photography apps. Now we have good news for iPhone and iPad owners with iCloud Activation Lock enabled. The iPhone Dev-Team developed a new tool to remove iCloud activation from iPhone and iPad.

How the Bypass iCloud Activation Lock 2016 works?

The Bypass iCloud Lock 2016 tool remove the connected iCloud account from your device, and can activate all iPhone functions (wifi, apps, calls, downloads, etc.). To Remove iCloud lock, you need to download the iCloud Lock Bypass 2016 Tool, install it on your Computer and follow our guide to Bypass iCloud lock on iPhone or iPad.

Bypass iCloud Lock 2016 Compatible Apple Models

  • Bypass iPhone 6S Plus Activation Lock
  • Bypass iPhone 6S Activation Lock
  • Remove iPhone 6 iCloud Lock
  • Remove iPhone 6 Plus iCloud Lock
  • Bypass iPhone 5S Activation Lock
  • Unlock iPhone 5C Activation Lock
  • Bypass iPhone 5 Activation Lock
  • Remove iPhone 4S iCloud Lock
  • Unlock iPhone 4 iCloud Lock
  • Bypass iPad Air/mini Activation Lock
  • Fully Remove iPad 4/3 Activation Lock

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock - Compatible iOS Firmwares

  • Bypass iOS 9.3 Activation Lock
  • Bypass iOS 9.2.1 Activation Lock
  • Remove iOS 9.2 Activation Lock
  • Remove iOS 9.0 Activation Lock
  • Unlock iOS 8.4.1 Activation Lock
  • Unlock iOS 8.4 Activation Lock
  • Unlock iOS 8.1.3 Activation Lock
  • Bypass iOS 7.1.2 Activation Lock
  • Remove iOS 7.0.3/2/1 Activation Lock
  • Bypass iOS 7.0 Activation Lock

Bypass iCloud lock 2016

Bypass iCloud Lock - Unlock iCloud Activation Locked iPhone

How to Use Bypass iCloud Activation Lock 2016

First you need to download iCloud Activation bypass Tool 2016 from our link: iCloud remover 2016 Download.

  1. Connect to iTunes and put your iPhone or iPad in DFU Mode.
  2. Start the downloaded iCloud removal tool 2016
  3. Click "browse" and find the activation.deb file.
  4. Select Remove iCloud Account, Remove Activation Screen and select Activate Device.
  5. To begin, click "Update" and wait for procedure to finish.

After the iCloud removal process is completed, you need to add a new Apple iCloud account, because the Find my iPhone and iCloud Activation Lock is Removed permanently from your iPhone.

Download Bypass iCloud Activation 2016 tool

To download the iCloud bypass tool 2016, go to the link below. The iCloud bypass 2016 tool works only on Windows based computers. If you are a Mac user, you will need a virtual machine or bootcamp to run it.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock 2016

If you complete the steps to bypass iCloud lock on your iPhone or iPad, now you can use this device like a new one. The device is also whitelisted, and can be restored again without to be locked again.